Have your party at Stage Flight!

Stage Flight's gym and loft space are available to rent for birthday parties and events.

Prices: $175 for 2 hours for up to 15 people.  $5 for each additional person beyond 15.

Includes full use of the space, tables, chairs and 2 staff members.

Please contact stageflightcircusarts@gmail.com for questions and scheduling.

SFCA Policies

1. Tuition is due within the first week of the session. Session dates can be found on the website, available by email, and on the whiteboard in the gym. All tuition collected after the first week is subject to a 10% late fee. 

2. Everyone in attendance must sign a waiver. You can sign one at the gym or print it HERE and fill out ahead of time.


3. If a family or individual student is enrolled in 2 classes there is a $10 discount off of the entire tuition, not both classes. 

4. If a family or individual is enrolled in 3 or more classes, there is a 10% discount off of the entire tuition.

5. Friend referral: If a student who is currently enrolled refers a friend (not immediate family) who enrolls for an entire session, the student may apply a discount that is half of the new student's tuition. This offer applies to only one session. 


 7. If a student informs staff that they will not be attending one class before the session begins, they are still required to pay the full tuition and can make up the missed class during Studio Time or a Flippin’ Friday Event. If the student informs staff they will miss two or more classes before the session begins, their tuition will be prorated. New students who enroll after the session begins will have their tuition prorated. 

8. Students may accumulate up to 5 class credits to use during Studio Time or a Flippin’ Friday Event, no more. Credits must be used during the current session. Credits expire at the end of the session. If a credit is used during a Flippin’ Friday event you are only required to pay $5.00 for pizza.

9. SFCA follows MCCSC school closings. If MCCSC closes school, SFCA will not be holding classes that evening. If the class is cancelled due to inclement weather, the class will be credited towards Studio Time. For all cancellations, email and social media will notify students. 

10. Appropriate clothing is required to participate. No jeans or loose or torn clothing. Form-fitting clothes that protect thighs and the backs of the knees and armpits are suggested. Hair that is long enough to get in your vision must be tied back. 

11. All students should register for classes online even if they choose to pay with check or cash. 

12. Drop in rates are $5 more than full session class rates.


I am a new student and the session has already started, can I still enroll?

Yes! Students can enroll at any point during the session. We group classes into sessions to allow us to prorate classes, ease the registration and payment process, and track student progress. To register, click HERE and find the class you would like to enroll in. Register for a full session and select “pay later” then email stageflightcircusarts@gmail.com with the date you would like to start attending class and whether you would like to pay online or at the gym. You will get a confirmation email with the amount you owe at the gym or a link to pay online. If you are registering within a few hours of the start of class and do not get a reply in time, still come to class and we will sort everything out at the gym. As a new student, we will always prorate all classes in the session that you attend regardless of when you start so you can ignore the usual Stage Flight Policies regarding missed classes. 

I would like to enroll in a full session but I am missing one class, what do I do?

Register HERE and enroll in a full session. Email stageflightcircusarts@gmail.com and include the class you or your child is enrolled in and the date they will be absent from class. You will get a confirmation email that will serve as your ticket into the gym for a Flippin’ Friday. If you would like pizza, you will still need to bring an additional $5. If you do not want pizza, you will not need to pay any extra. 

I am going to miss more than one class, what do I do?

If you are going to miss 2-4 of the classes in the 6 week session, register online HERE for the full session and select “pay later”. Stage Flight allows prorated class prices to anyone who is enrolling in 2 or more of the same class per session. Email stageflightcircusarts@gmail.com with the dates you will attend the class/the dates you will miss and whether you would like to pay online or at the gym at the time of your first class. You will receive a confirmation email with the amount you owe and a link to pay online. 

 (These emails need to include the amount owed online with the 4% fee included in a transparent way or the amount owed at the door at the gym at the time of the first class and the date that the 10% late fee will be applied. This parenthesis should not be posted on the website.)

I am enrolled in one class but am interested in trying a new class, what should I do?

If you would like to re-enroll in your current class, do so HERE and then click “add another booking” before you register and pay. Select “Drop in Classes”, find the class you would like to try, and select the date you would like to drop in. You can then register and “pay now” online or “pay later” at the gym. You can drop in any time and if you like it, enroll for the remainder of the session. Enrolling in two classes at Stage Flight gives you $10 off your entire tuition!