A multi-disciplinary circus studio in Bloomington, Indiana

Stage Flight Circus Arts is a studio committed to building community through physical activity. We offer a wide range of classes under the circus arts umbrella. Whether your goal is to get fit, acquire a new (and maybe mind blowing!) skill or become a professional acrobat, Stage Flight has plenty to offer. We have a very experienced staff who love working with people of all ages and abilities to build strength and skill by moving together.

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Stage Flight Weather Policy

We follow the MCCSC school closings, if schools are closed then we will cancel classes. We will not cancel classes in the case of a delay. If there is severe weather on a weekend causing us to close, we will email everyone in the weekend classes and post closings on the website. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at

Hybridmotion Movement Workshop with Jun Kuribayashi (2).png

Workshop Description and Pre-requisites:

Sculptural Partnering is the art of moving in collaboration with two or more partners, with an emphasis on transitions, to create a facade of effortless, acrobatic partnering. We will focus on Sculptural Partnering that involves fluid lifting and weight sharing. Participants will also learn various reciprocals. Reciprocals are moves where two or more people interconnect to create a locomotive structure that is mutually propelled and can be duplicated over and over again.

We will focus on three phases of sculptural partnering:

  • Basic Technique: Utilizing the natural arc of body weight in motion to execute moves, dynamic counterbalancing, and full weight bearing partnering where they will be lifting partners as well as learning to be lifted efficiently.

  • Learning Vocabulary: Here we will learn pre-existing moves and vocabulary so that you can put your technique to work

  • Movement Invention / Developing New Vocabulary: Once you know the properties of sculptural partnering, the possibilities for movement invention can be endless. We will examine how you can create and refine new vocabulary specific to your style of movement.

Participants should be prepared for an athletic class. If you have any injuries please contact instructor to see if it will be prohibitive to your participation.


- Participants will need to be able to solidly and comfortably hold another person in a cradled position in their arms for at least 10 seconds.

- Do 10 push-ups in a row

- Do at least 1 pull up

- 10 second Handstand hold against the wall

Please note: While strength and agility are certainly required for this class, a large part of what will be taught in this course is how to use strength and energy in dynamic and efficient ways. This means that what you will be learning is not just the ability to execute a lift or a move, but instead, how to employ the technique that I am proposing. This will require students to be open to taking a different approach to things that they may have done before.